SNSD through the years Tiffany Hwang

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It's Girls' Genration!
"I’m divorced too. Why? People make mistakes in life. Is that a failure in life? Is it bad enough to deserve fingers and whispers behind your back?- Oh Jin Hee (Emergency Couple)"



So what was that genre of music?

I know it’s not american

This is basically how it starts

Welcome sweetheart. 


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              Eunsang learning all the good things.

There honestly isn’t anything I’d like her to change. I learn a lot from unnie. Because she is truly open-minded. No matter what’s said to her, she takes it well. I feel like I need to learn from her in that regard. She has a really good personality. -Seohyun

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my mister rock this world

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kissing you: 2008 and 2014

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